Driven to create.

Determined to transform.


I'm a creative explorer

Inspiration isn't something you find here and there, it's in everything we interact with and everyone we meet. It constantly comes at us from unexpected places and in a moment can change not just the way we perceive our world, but also what we expect from it, and ourselves.

I'm driven to find the next inspiration and use it to make an impact.


Creative leader

Nothing fuels me more than working with and guiding teams on the path to creation. I love meeting and collaborating with kindred spirits and sharing my knowledge, experience and perspective. Currently I'm helping to build and mentor an amazingly talented team on a mission to reimagine the experience of work at Hook & Loop.


There's something deeply satisfying about actually pushing pencils and pixels - crafting things with my own hands. Drawing on paper from life or from imagination brings me incredible joy, and is such an elemental expression it's hard to imagine living without it. And using digital tools to create brand design, UX and all kinds of visual communications is second nature.


I always feel the motivation to get out in the sun, in the rain, in the snow – whatever – and just be with nature. There's an addicting blend of energy and peace that comes when I'm snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, swimming or just plain walking my neighborhood. Natural Vitamin D is key!



Creative collaboration doesn't just come from people with "art" "design" or "writing" in their job descriptions, it just as often comes from folks considered to be outside the creative process. I love formulating new ideas with anyone who has a passion for their work or helps to see things in new ways.

Some of the teams I've been lucky to work for and with include:




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